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Perfect with garlic roasted potatoes and celeriac and apple remoulade

Serves 2


2 Pheasant breasts,

Milk, to cover

200g of breadcrumbs (best made with stale sourdough)

5 tbsp of plain flour

Salt and pepper to season

1 tsp of herb de province


Put your Pheasant breast between 2 layers of grease proof paper then whack them thin with a rolling pin. When satisfactorily thin, soak in milk for an hour or two. This whitens the meat and if it is particularly gamey, makes the flavor milder.

Dry the meat off with kitchen paper, then arrange three flat bowls with seasoned flour, beaten eggs and lastly the Herby breadcrumbs. Make sure you have a tray lined with grease proof ready for the schnitzels.

When ready to cook and they are pretty quick, fill a big frying pan with 2cm oil and when it’s hot add your schnitzel. After a minute or two, turn them over to do the other side. Eat immediately,


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