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Townings Farm is a traditional Low Weald family farm situated in the heart of the Sussex countryside, on the edge of the beautiful South Downs National Park between the villages of Chailey, Plumpton, and Wivelsfield Green.

They specialise in meat from traditional breeds, which are reared on the farm as naturally as possible to give the very best flavour. This includes lamb and mutton from Hebridean and Southdown Sheep; beef from Sussex and Longhorn cattle; pork from traditional English breeds of pigs; and Turkey from slow-grown home-reared turkeys.

The beef produced is from traditional Sussex and Longhorn cattle. These breeds are renowned for their superior flavour and are grown slowly and naturally on the farm. All the beef is hung for three to four weeks. This produces succulent, full-flavour cuts, which won’t shrink in your oven!

They specialise in Hebridean lamb, a primitive breed which produces meat that is dark, lean and has a distinctive flavour all of its own. It is even said to have significantly lower levels of cholesterol than other breeds. The Hebridean breed is at its best between 12-30 months, at which age the meat is usually referred to as ‘hogget’.

At Townings they also produce Southdown lamb, a breed which originates from the native sheep that have roamed the Sussex South Downs for many hundreds of years. This breed is renowned for its sweet, traditional flavour.

The sheep spend time grazing on the lowland heath on nearby Chailey Common. Here they graze on a variety of grasses and herbs, which we believe adds an extra quality to the flavour.

The pork produced is from traditional breeds, reared on the farm and fed as naturally as possible, living stress-free lives. The pigs are given home-grown feed and vegetables. They also enjoy pumpkins grown on the farm, something the family believe contributes to the fantastic flavour!

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