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The Old Dairy Farm

The Old Dairy farming ethos is based on sustainability and protecting the environment therefore Sharon and the family breed and rear traditional and local breeds ensuring their longevity and take great consideration for the land in our care. They run a herd of Sussex cattle, a flock of Southdown, Jacob & Suffolk sheep and breed Gloucester Old Spot and Oxford Sandy & Black pigs; these slower growing traditional breeds produce fine quality meat with a flavour of the old days, along with 5500 free range laying hens and table chicken.

Their free-range eggs are produced in a modern poultry unit, registered with DEFRA, ensuring the highest welfare considerations.  Their poultry unit allows our 5000 hens additional space, extra perching & scratching area and most of all a larger range area, allowing the chickens to lead a more natural and active life exploring and foraging freely and happily with the shelter of numerous well established native trees to enrich the range and provide natural cover. A more natural free ranging life means healthy hens and high quality eggs.

All of the hens are vaccinated against Salmonella and are part of DEFRA’s National Salmonella Control Programme to ensure egg safety. The egg production number is printed in edible grade ink on each egg to ensure traceability. All of the chickens are re-homed at retirement via the amazing charity Fresh Start for Hens.  They will continue to lay and give many more years of enjoyment as a backyard hen.

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