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Hélène and Stephen moved to East Sussex in early 2018 to establish Stonelynk Organics. They are inspired by the many brilliant small-scale growers across the country providing their local neighbours with their vegetable needs.  Having spent a few years under the apprenticeship of the Cross family at Gold Hill Organic Farm in Dorset, they chose to fly the nest and set up their own garden. They love chatting with passers-by, singing in harmony, and experimenting with fermentation!

Stonelynk Organics is a commercial organic vegetable garden in Fairlight, East Sussex. They farm according to organic principles, and are certified organic by the Soil Association, the UK’s largest organic certification body. Their little garden is nestled in the Stonelynk Valley five miles east of Hastings, where the loamy soil and south-coast sun make for perfect growing conditions.

They farm in a way that is gentle to the local ecosystem and respectful of natural processes. This means they use no artificial products and very little machinery, leaving nature to do what it does best.

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