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South Downs Dairy

Tom and Southdowns Dairy work solely with the farmers at South Farm who have been producing milk with their herd of British Friesians and traditional Herefords for over 50 years.

The cows are a hardy breed, well suited to the climate and are able to be grazed outside all year round (helped by the free draining chalk). The farm is run using methods which would be considered old fashioned by most large dairy farmers today. Forage crops are grown to supplement the cows diet during winter months.

The yoghurt is made in the farmhouse kitchen, thickened naturally by straining. It is a whole milk yoghurt made from raw, unhomogenised milk. The milk is taken directly from the farm before going in their lovely, old vat where it is left to gently pasteurise and ferment. The yoghurt is then hung in straining bags to remove some of the whey. It is then stirred briefly so that the cream separates slightly from the milk during the fermentation.

What is left is a yoghurt with a soft, smooth texture with tart and creamy flavour notes.

It is easy to keep things simple when you start with great milk from a farm using traditional farming methods

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