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Growing asparagus on their family farm in Little Horsted since 1998.

They cut fresh asparagus by hand from dawn, when it is at its best. Chrissy and her team quickly then bring the harvest in from the field and into the cutting room and shop, both located on site. It is here where the asparagus is carefully washed, graded and prepared for sale.

Like true traditional farmers South Brockwells are 100% dependant on Mother Nature so they do not force the asparagus by using artificial methods to hurry its natural season (late-April to mid-June)

The truly home grown asparagus is well known for its freshness, quality and taste. We pick the asparagus from the farm gate on the day we trade, sometimes even twice!

Throughout the game shooting season, from September to February, South Brockwells Farm will also start to supply our oven ready game. Expect, partridge, wild duck, pheasant, pigeon rabbit. and big hearty warming autumnal / wintery recipes.

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