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Gary Griffiths owns Nutbourne tomatoes situated just a few miles outside Pulborough.  His crops are renowned for their outstanding quality and flavour and we always look forward to the first deliveries each season.

At Nutbourne they pride themselves with attention to detail, flavour and presentations.  They are always looking for new varieties to grow. Gary has a dedicated team of staff, including his wife, son and daughter, so it is very much a family business. Gary’s growing career began at Nutbourne Nursery in 1979, the Nursery was run down, so he grew a range of crops including Tomatoes and Lettuce on rotation.   Having started growing at the age of just sixteen he attended Brinsbury College in West Sussex, where he then gained work experience at a local grower’s nursery.  By 1989 he had specialised in only Insecticide Free Tomatoes and in 1999 he started growing some speciality tomatoes. At Nutbourne they now grow twenty-five different varieties for the Exotic boxes, with the different colours and size combination.

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