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Makers of goat’s milk kefir and artisan cheeses. Chillies Farm Dairy are a small dairy based on a family farm near High Hurstwood in the heart of the Sussex countryside They are committed to low input farming using minimal fertilisers and herbicides and to conserving the environment.

The Goats milk in the cheeses comes from their own herd of pedigree goats ensuring that it is as fresh as possible to hand-make kefir and cheeses that are full of character and flavour. At Chillies Farm Dairy they believe in keeping the flock as free from stress as possible. They don’t take their babies (kids) away from them at or a few days after birth as happens on most dairy farms. The goats keep their babies with them for at least three months until the kids are ready to be weaned. This keeps the girls happy and content and the farm is convinced that although they get a little less milk for their kefir and cheese, their stress-free, happy life means the farm produces the best quality milk possible.

The goats are pure Anglo-Nubian (with floppy ears) and their health and welfare are the most important part of the operation. Happy goats produce the best quality milk, so most of the time effort goes into keeping the goat’s content and providing for their every need.

They all have names and each one has her own individual personality, and all enjoy a lot of fuss and attention. They live in a warm and airy barn at night and roam around the paddocks on dry days where they graze and pick at the hedgerows keeping their diet as close to nature intended as possible.

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